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R Tagosphere!

This post explores the inter-relationships of StackOverflow Tags for R-related questions. So I grabbed all the questions tagged with “r”, took the other tags in each question and made some network charts that show how often each tag is seen with the other tags. The point is to see the empirical relationships that develop as people organically describe their problems with R. Full… Read more →

Clickable list of the best animations since 1900, gathered the geek way.

In the midst of our random data exploration, Laure and I started playing around with Hadley’s movies dataset and noticed that there were a lot of old cartoon animations… I mean REALLY old. So we got excited and wondered if we could find Youtube links for all these old animations. Indeed we could! Here’s how we did it. As always, the full analysis… Read more →

Chick flicks vs action movies!

I co-wrote this analysis with Laure Belotti to identify the difference between movie scripts for chick flicks and action movies using sentiment analysis, among other stuff. Rather than creating a blog post, we made a freestanding webpage because I wanted to play around w/ bootstrap and make it pretty and stuff. Anyway, the analysis is here: Leave comments below! Read more →

Sentiment analysis on my girlfriend’s text messages

When I told my friends that I wanted to give my girlfriend an infographic of us (centered around a sentimental analysis of our texts) as a gift for our first anniversary, most of them told me that was a terrible idea. Yeah… well… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! Without further ado, this is what love looks like: What… um…. what are we looking… Read more →

Chord progressions of 5 000 songs!

Update: Full analysis and everything you need at my github The database contains analyses of over 5000 songs*. These analyses are uploaded by users and allow for all these songs to be analyzed in bulk, as well as individually. One of these ‘all song’ analyses enables users to gather chord progressions on ALL songs (see the analysis file… Read more →

Cover images for facebook, google+, whatever

So I guess everybody let’s you upload a “cover picture”…. something that should be beautiful, emblematic of you, deep, thoughtful etc. Well… I found a bunch of my pics that fit the wide format nicely. If you find one you want: Click the picture so that you get the high-rez version. Right click + save image Upload on whatever social… Read more →

Arduino theremin concert

One of the arduino tutorials was for a theremin. With a few modifications I was able to properly express my sophisticated musical abilities. Enjoy! Arduino code follows (prolly doesn’t make TOO much sense without the wiring schematic… if there’s interest I’ll put up a picture). int sensorValue; int sensorLow=1023; int sensorHigh=0; const int ledPin=13; void setup(){ pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT); digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH); Serial.begin(9600); while(millis()<5000){… Read more →

Human armature from d3Network!

So a little bit of R, a little bit of d3Network and boom! Instant interactive html human!     Code to make your own or edit as you see fit: library(d3Network) Nodes <- c( “Head”, “Sternum”, “Shoulder.r”, “Shoulder.l”, # 0 1 2 3 “Elbow.r”, “Elbow.l”, “Wrist.r”, “Wrist.l”, # 4 5 6 7 “rib.r”, “hip.c”, “hip.r”, “hip.l”, # 8 9 10… Read more →

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