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Chord progressions of 5 000 songs!

Update: Full analysis and everything you need at my github The database contains analyses of over 5000 songs*. These analyses are uploaded by users and allow for all these songs to be analyzed in bulk, as well as individually. One of these ‘all song’ analyses enables users to gather chord progressions on ALL songs (see the analysis file… Read more →

Arduino theremin concert

One of the arduino tutorials was for a theremin. With a few modifications I was able to properly express my sophisticated musical abilities. Enjoy! Arduino code follows (prolly doesn’t make TOO much sense without the wiring schematic… if there’s interest I’ll put up a picture). int sensorValue; int sensorLow=1023; int sensorHigh=0; const int ledPin=13; void setup(){ pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT); digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH); Serial.begin(9600); while(millis()<5000){… Read more →