Category: Macro

Change lists into tables and tables into lists

Designed a userform that converts dimension formats, i.e. information from tabular format to list (or flat) format, and viceversa. Some options include preserving formatting or not, as well as including blank cells or not. >>Form is here:Dim changer userform >>Excel file with embedded form and a macro to make the form pop up is here:Dim_changer >>Tutorial is here: Code… Read more →

Compare lists and identify matches macro

This macro provides an alternative to vlookup (which looks at two lists and provides data from one list to the second) that retains similar functionality while providing certain benefits. It accomplishes this by physically moving one list to the other. It’s impossible to get a false positive, and it doesn’t provide that annoying #N/A that messes up calculations. Additionally, it… Read more →

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