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kml maker for Excel -> Google Earth

I made a userform that quickly and easily allows you to make a kml file that’s readable by google earth based on some excel dataset that has coordinates. Features: Simple and advanced modes userform for convenience Icons change when highlighted Allows html to be passed to popup contents, everything is customizable Issue a default icon, and change icons for specific… Read more →

Change lists into tables and tables into lists

Designed a userform that converts dimension formats, i.e. information from tabular format to list (or flat) format, and viceversa. Some options include preserving formatting or not, as well as including blank cells or not. >>Form is here:Dim changer userform >>Excel file with embedded form and a macro to make the form pop up is here:Dim_changer >>Tutorial is here: Code… Read more →

Search or filter through controls in a userform

This bit might be useful if you have a lot of controls on a form, and need a quick way to highlight them. This post supports the video: I uploaded a video tutorial, you can see it here (please view in fullscreen mode, or watch the video in youtube by clicking on the youtube logo):[]. Download the file here (Search on… Read more →

Macro userform – a good visual way to organize macros

At a certain point it can become challenging to quickly find and run the macro we need. Below are some options to organize our macros. I will focus on using a pop-up form because it’s the method I prefer, but at the bottom of the article, you can see other options. A pop-up menu looks like this: How to make your own… Read more →

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