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Irrigated Crop Calendar Vizualisation

Visualizations made for FAO AQUASTAT: After individual Irrigated Crop Calendars for all countries were combined, it allowed for some interesting analysis of global irrigation. These included “The Big Picture” (at two levels of resolution), as well as viewing irrigation by region and by crop. All explanations and visualizations on:¬†http://www.fao.org/nr/water/aquastat/irrigationviz/index.stm Read more →

Irrigation area treemaps

These visualizations were performed for FAO AQUASTAT. These treemap charts allow for hierarchical organization of information of different types. In the image above, for example, the irrigation areas for each country are represented as the big boxes, within which the technology utilization is displayed in different colors. This allows users to see a large amount of information quickly. View more… Read more →

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