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Pop quiz! What is this chart saying?

I have been reading more and more about how people can’t interpret charts… which kinda never occurred to me, if I’m gonna be very honest.  Anyway, it kind of made me think of actually testing people informally, to see for myself. So I’ve been doing just that: showing colleagues, friends, etc a chart that we created interactively during the first Accra… Read more →

I’m leading the Accra R-User Meetups!

I am not sure how, but I found Data Science Africa, whose mission it is to promote data science in Africa. For now, they are limited to organizing and running meetups across Africa, mostly focused on R, although there are higher albeit more ambitious targets. Anyway, since I’m in Accra, I contacted them to see if I could help in… Read more →

Clickable list of the best animations since 1900, gathered the geek way.

In the midst of our random data exploration, Laure and I started playing around with Hadley’s movies dataset and noticed that there were a lot of old cartoon animations… I mean REALLY old. So we got excited and wondered if we could find Youtube links for all these old animations. Indeed we could! Here’s how we did it. As always, the full analysis… Read more →

Human armature from d3Network!

So a little bit of R, a little bit of d3Network and boom! Instant interactive html human!     Code to make your own or edit as you see fit: library(d3Network) Nodes <- c( “Head”, “Sternum”, “Shoulder.r”, “Shoulder.l”, # 0 1 2 3 “Elbow.r”, “Elbow.l”, “Wrist.r”, “Wrist.l”, # 4 5 6 7 “rib.r”, “hip.c”, “hip.r”, “hip.l”, # 8 9 10… Read more →

Wordcloud generator

Using Shiny and R, we made a super-customizable wordcloud maker that takes any .txt file you feed it, and creates a wordcloud just how you like it (without needing to give your email to creepy people). Check it out! (If you’re an R corpus geek… why doesn’t remove-words remove the top word? Super weird, no?) Visit the page and pull-request… Read more →

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